My Stories

You can become an author:

Boys and Girls will be able to read stories written by other young authors; and if they wish, here is where they can include their stories for others to read.

Your story will be placed in a monthly drawing and the winner will receive a gift certificate worth $10.00.  You can help your school by requesting your $10.00 go to your classroom.

Enter Your Story To Win!

Enter your original stories in our monthly contests for prizes and bragging rights!  Stories submitted by Boys and Girls will be posted here.  Site visitors will read stories and vote for the best stories each month.

What are the contest rules?

  • Write a great story about any topic you would like.  It can be as long or short as you want it to be.
  • Please check your spelling and grammar before submitting.

What’s the Prize?

  • The winner will receive a gift certificate to their classroom or themselves from Alfie and Amigo.

How to submit your story:

  • Simple, just leave your story as a comment below!

Winning Hint:

Submit your stories early in the month so they will be available for voting during the entire month.