Alfie and Amigo: Bedtime Stories for Kids is a site designed for parents, grandparents, babysitters, teachers, friends, and any other interested story tellers who like reading short, fun, bedtime stories in the evening to a child. Or, who want to help a child become involved in writing their own short stories. Our targeted age group of readers, listeners and writers will be kids from ages tummy  to 12. All of our stories, interactive stories, contests and activities are designed to be kid friendly, so children can be actively involved in listening, reading and even writing their own stories.

Alfie has been to a lot of exciting places and gets involved in so many different adventures that he wants to share them with you through his short stories. His short stories are about himself and his friends and will be sure to please. Click on Samples of Alfie’s Stories to discover Alfie’s exciting world.

In addition, we have Interactive Stories for those who want to become more active in authoring or completing a short story of their own.

In My Stories children will be able to read stories written by other young authors; and if they wish, here is where they can include their own stories for others to read.

Contests will be held each month to discover the most popular stories written and sent in by kids. Alfie will award a prize each month to the story voted number one favorite by children who send in their vote.

A popular web dictionary that we think will meet childrens’ needs is available by clicking the Children’s Dictionary link.

This brief summary of what Alfie’s Bedtime Stories is about will get you started on a fun and exciting reading adventure. Enjoy taking your child on this reading and writing expedition with Alfie and Amigo.

Please enjoy your visits to Alfie and Amigo: Bedtime Stories for Kids!