Hi! Alfie and Amigo: Bedtime Stories for Kids is a unique site for parents, grandparents, babysitters, teachers, friends and other interested story tellers who like reading short, fun, bedtime stories in the evening to children. Or, who want to help a child write their own short stories.

Our targeted age group of readers, writers, and listeners are kids from ages tummy to 12. And since most parents are kids at heart, Moms and Dads are welcome too!

All of our stories, interactive stories, contests and activities are designed to be kid-friendly, so children can be actively involved in listening, reading, and even writing their own stories.

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Who are Alfie and Amigo?

The handsome, impeccably attired chap on the left above is Alfie,  a talented, wisecracking Gecko who hails from Britain. He’s quite an entertainer, as you’ll soon discover. Amigo, on your other hand, is also a true friend to all children, and he’s Alfie’s bestest friend and helper—a real right-hand cat!

Together they’ve collected a treasure trove of great stories and interesting illustrations for you to share with your child, or lots of children!

Plus, you can always connect with Alfie and Amigo to share your stories, make suggestions, or ask questions about, well anything!

So, join up and then log in anytime and let Alfie and Amigo entertain and inspire you with great stories, poems, story writing contests, great kid-friendly resources, and much more. It’s going to be fun. It’s going to be interesting. It’s going to be very soothing.

Want to improve your child’s vocabulary, cognitive and listening skills and have fun before bedtimes? Read them an entertaining story, and watch your kid sleep like a baby all night long!

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